Good news!!!

19 Feb

Source: Good news!!!


Good news!!!

19 Feb


I know it’s been a while since the last time I wrote something.  I decided to write to share some good news that I have, and from now on I will write weekly on how I am progressing. First let me give you some background on why this is such amazing news and why I decided to share it this late. In August 2012 I was in University as a full time student, I felt sick went to hospital( and cutting a long story short) the Doctor told me that my chances of falling pregnant were very slim considering the sickness and my age. Fast forward to September 2015 I found out that am expecting.Yippie!! At first I was shocked and nervous about the whole thing,hence taking this long to share the news but now 28 weeks later I feel that I am ready to share the news. Am also happy to feel the kicks and all the crazy cravings that comes with pregnancy. In the coming weeks I will be sharing all the things that are happening in my life, the ups and downs of my 1st pregnancy at 33 years old. Till next time have faith anything can happen.

Its been a while

8 Jul

We plan ahead and it doesn’t always go according to plan. I had a clear picture of where I wanted to be this year unfortunately things didn’t go as I wanted them to be.

This is a challenge am facing with other thousands of South African graduates. I have learnt that only you can change your situation even when you are at home still looking for a job

There are lot of opportunities out there, what I have seen is that some of those opportunities we take then for granted, or look down on then as things that are done by desperate people. Let me tell you something if you sit at home with no income and the thing that keep you going is help from family, boyfriend or girlfriend. Dear you are desperate and you need to

do something about your situation. Don’t be a beggar while you have a mind to think of things you can do.


The Struggle Continues

17 Feb

Its been 21 years since South Africa gained freedom from the then government lead by the National Party.
The generations before us has fought against Bantu Education (Bantu Education Act of 1953), against racial segregation and the lot other thing that the Apartheid government of South Africa has implemented.

21 years later yes the struggle continues, for Education just that it is not the Bantu Education we are fighting for but access to that Education. I cannot write this without acknowledging the fact that the current government has done a lot to implement free education for all. This has been done for Basic Education the challenge that we are facing as a country is access to Higher Education.
With the current rate of 24.3 (http://www.tradingeconomics/south-africa/unemployement-rate) there is a need for government to put more Funding in Higher Education so that there is more youth that has access to higher education.

I believe that as much as the government emphasize the fact that we need to change our mind-set of being job seekers and have a mind-set of employers . It is a challenge for a person who have a basic high school education to run a multi-million company. Therefore access to higher education is vital, so that the playing field can even to all role players in the business sector. It is a shame that in South Africa today you cannot compare a black owned business and a white owned business because it will be unfair to the black owned business as to the skill (educational and technical),and funding of such businesses.

As the year start it will start with riots at Higher Education Facilities especially those with the higher number of black students compared to those with larger number of white students (private institutions) because black students have challenges accessing that education.

My Vote is My Voice

25 Feb
Believing in a better South Africa

Believing in a better South Africa

do what’s best and vote for a better South Africa.


Rest In Peace Tata Madiba

6 Dec

As South Africa and the world we mourn the passing of an Icon Nelson Mandela.May your soul rest in peace. “Ziyodlula izinsizwa kusale izibongo”


Missing you

29 Nov

I look out the window everything is dim, Everything is dark I search for your face but I can’t see Something deep down has been removed Some piece of me is gone Too soon. I close my eyes; take a deep breath hoping to smell your fragrance I close my eyes ; take a deep breath hoping to feel your touch. You are gone, gone forever.

Lynette Ntuli

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